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What you can do with a Texas General Lines Agent License

When people say, “I want to get my “insurance license”, they don’t always know exactly what that means. So, in this Test Crushers Blog post, we’ll talk about “What You Can Do with a Texas Insurance License.”

The two insurance license types are:

  • General Lines Property and Casualty Agent  (P&C)
  • General Lines Life and Health Agent

What Does an Entry-level Insurance job look like?

We have talked about the specifics of those licenses in a prior blog post. But, what does an entry-level insurance job look like? First of all, you need to understand that the workload in an insurance office is very often split between Sales and Service. There are people who are good and drumming up new business, and there are other people who are good at managing accounts, payment, details, and compliance issues. These two types of people are very different, but they hold the same license. The General Lines Property and Casualty Agent, and the General Lines Life and Health Agent licenses qualify you to do both functions: Sales and Service. You can’t sell without a license, and you can’t service accounts without a license, and it’s the same license. You either have it or you don’t.

Insurance Sales or Service – Which Are You?

So, which one are you? A Sales Person? Or a Service Specialist? Both are important, but you really need to be honest with yourself about which role you are best suited to.

There’s an old saying, Selling is easy, prospecting is hard. Anyone can sell, it’s not that hard. The hard part is prospecting – talking to people about their insurance and getting them to buy from you. You have to be willing to talk to 15 people before anyone shows interest in what you’re saying. You have to be persistent. You have to be like a dog on a bone. Relentless. Un-Defeatable. If that’s you, then you can be very, very successful. You can work flexible hours and you can make lots of bonuses and earn other rewards. People who can prospect and sell are in high demand.

Do you see yourself calling 100 people on a call list? Asking them if they would like a quote? That’s what it takes to sell 10 policies. Some people are not bothered by rejection. They are able to focus on the 10 times people said, YES – and not on the 90 people who said, NO. It’s not that hard, but you need to have the right temperament.

Do you see yourself following-up on Internet Leads?

Do you see yourself going to Networking Events?

Do you see yourself hosting Community Events?

These are the kinds of things you might do in order to sell insurance using your Property and Casualty License or your Life and Health License. It can be fun, really fun – if you are that kind of person.

Are you competitive? Do you want to see your name on the top of the Sales Board? Do you thrive on pressure, challenges, and record-breaking? Then you could wreck shop doing Insurance Sales. Your Property and Casualty License and/or your Life and Health License is the key that opens the lock.

In an insurance office, we want to have “Aces in Their Places”. It does no good to have a “salesperson” in a service job. Salespeople tend to be less detail-oriented. It also does no good to have a “service person” in a sales role. Service people tend to be more inward, introspective, and private.

If you don’t think that sales is for you, THERE IS STILL A PLACE FOR YOU IN AN INSURANCE OFFICE!. Somebody has to do things like:

Manage appointments for the sales team.

Check applications for completeness.

Follow up to make sure that policies are issued correctly.

Deal with coverage changes, change or address requests.

Keep up with late payments and policy cancellations.

Having Sales People to bring in the business is important, but so are service people who are there watching the back door to make sure that customers get the level of service they expect.

There’s a great tool that insurance agents use to try to help you understand which role is right for you. It is called a DISC Test. When you take the DISC Test, we get a very accurate read on your personality and whether you are best suited to a Sales role or a Service role. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty close.

If you want to see how an insurance job might work out for you, you can take the DISC test yourself. Then you’ll know where your strengths lie and you won’t get shoved into the wrong role. Working in an insurance office with your Property and Casualty or your Life and Health license is a great career opportunity.

Test Crushers is here to help you study for and pass the Texas insurance licensing exams. That’s what we do. Our programs work, and they will work for you.

You can see our full schedule of upcoming classroom insurance training. Our live classroom training is also available via ZOOM Webinars. And, you can study at your own pace with our top-rated in-demand video courses.

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