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  1. There is no page at the Department of Insurance that we can link you to that will give you a definitive answer here. So, the best we can do is this:
    1. A felony related to fraud or financial misconduct is probably disqualifying, unless it was a very long time ago, and even then.
    2. A felony related to assault or physical violence is just as problematic as fraud and financial misconduct.
  2. Other, lesser felonies have better chances of being excused, particularly the longer ago the convictions or pleas occurred.
  3. The only way to find out is to pass the test and apply for the license to see what the Department of Insurance says. They will not pre-qualify an application – period.
  4. Also remember that getting a license is only one step in the process. You still must be appointed an agent by one or more insurance companies. Felonies will also come up during the appointment process and just because you have a license does not mean that you will be appointed by every company.
  1. Financial misconduct and irresponsibility do not look good on an application, but there is no hard and fast rule against a BK. You must pass the test and apply for a license in order to find out. And you will also have to address a BK in the appointment process.
  1. No, no you can’t. These exams are no joke. There is a very specific body of industry knowledge you need to have. There is no way to fake it
  1. It makes no difference. You need to have both anyway if you are going to be competitive. There is some content that is common to both exams. Maybe 30% of each exam is made up of material that is generic insurance industry knowledge common to both Property and Casualty and Life and Heath. So, you do have some cross-over. Beyond that, they are different as night and day. I personally think Property and Casualty is harder than Life and Health – but not everyone agrees. Get both and you will have interviews out the you- know-what.
  1. Texas does not require a prep class. A prep class is
    completely voluntary. You do not get any kind of completion certificate at the end of our prep class, because there is no such thing here in Texas.
  2. Somebody in your office may have an old study book from 1998. Don’t be tempted to do this yourself. Take our class. It will be a lot easier in the end.
  1. There is very little actual sales training in the class, but my
    former students will tell you that they got plenty of insights into the sales process and plenty of good tips in class. But, this is not a course in Sales Training, Agency Operations, Lead Generation, etc. This is a class about how to get your license.
  1. Exam Prep Class - $189 for video course or $299 for live class
  2. Test Center Exam Fee - $42 per attempt
  3. Fingerprints - $45
  4. License Application Fee - $50
  5. Times two for the second license, except for the fingerprints.
  6. There are so many agents looking to hire licensed people
    that this investment will come flying right back to you!!
  7. Agents rarely hire you before you have a license. You need
    to make the first move and show that you can do it.
  1. Nice try, but no.
  1. You will have a Texas Resident License, because you live here. You can only sell to people who are physically in Texas. In order to sell to people in other states, you need to apply for a Non-Resident License in each state you have in mind. It is a pretty easy process. Since you have a Texas Resident Agent License, other states will grant you a Non-Resident Agent License to conduct business with people within their borders – this process is known as “Reciprocity”. Just remember, you have to be licensed in the state your customer lives in. You can’t sit in Texas and sell to someone in Louisiana unless you have a Louisiana Non-Resident Agent License. Selling without the proper license is a major no-no. Don’t do it.
  1. We do. First, we guaranty that you will find our courses interesting and enjoyable. We also have the best money back guarantee in the business. With our Three Strikes Money Back Guarantee, if you complete our course in good faith and fair dealing, we will refund you all of the money you paid to us for your course if you fail the test 3 times.
  1. You can request extra time to take the test. Here is a link to the form. You will need a letter from your employer stating that English is not your first language, or we can get you a letter as your teacher.
  1. There is a dedicated team ready to work with you! You can contact the Accommodations Team at PearsonVue here Test accommodations // Pearson VUE
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