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How do I get my INSURANCE license? What is the best way to study for the INSURANCE exam? INSURANCE exam prep near me. What do all of these search terms have in common? “INSURANCE”.

If you are trying to launch a career in the insurance industry, you will need to be licensed. The vast majority of insurance professionals hold two separate licenses: “General Lines Property and Casualty” and “General Lines Life, Health and Accident”.

In order to get one of these licenses, you have to pass an INSURANCE licensing exam. The exams consist of 150 questions about:

  • INSURANCE coverage
  • INSURANCE policies
  • INSURANCE terminology
  • The INSURANCE industry

Now, given that the entire exam is about INSURANCE – would you even consider prepping for your exam with a company that says “we don’t teach you about insurance, we just teach you about the test”? That has to be one of the dumbest things anyone has ever said: “we don’t teach you about insurance, we just teach you about the test”. BUT THE TEST IS ABOUT INSURANCE!!!!

One of the things that makes Test Crushers different is that I am not stupid. And neither are you. So we both know intuitively that if we’re going to pass an INSURANCE LICENSING EXAM, we better know a whole lot about insurance, or we are going to be wasting time and money.

Test Crushers will teach you about insurance. And you will love it. Our classes are not dumbed-down cram sessions. We don’t have flashcards and idiotic memory tricks. We learn how to pass the insurance licensing exams by reading the various policies that are tested on the exam. We learn about coverage from a claims perspective and with real-world examples and photos.

One of the main reasons that other insurance test prep companies don’t “teach you about insurance” is that they DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT INSURANCE! They only know about “the test” and they hope their silly flashcards and cartoons are enough to get your money. Do you really want it to be dumbed down for you?

I hear it all the time in my classes: “I learned more from you in two hours than I did in two months with the other program I was using”. Test Crushers is here so that everyone can pass the exams, not just the super-smart people. I have had people come to me from every big test prep company out there. They all say the same thing; “I just didn’t get it the way they were explaining it. It didn’t make any sense.”

Test Crushers will teach you how to understand the basics of the insurance industry – and then you will teach yourself how to pass the exam. We all learn, process and absorb things in our own unique ways. There is no magic short cut. What works for one person does not work for someone else. Everybody gets that.

When you hire Test Crushers to prep you for your Property and Casualty exam and your Life and Health exam, you are getting my personal commitment that the course materials and methods are the best in the industry. If you do the work, you should be able to pass the exam. I give you my 3-strikes money back guarantee. If you complete the course in good faith and make a passing score on my practice exam, I will give you your money back if you haven’t passed the exam by your third try.

That’s right. At Test Crushers we are not obsessed with passing the first time. Lots of people will pass the first time. But lots of people need to keep working at it a few times. There are 1000’s of millionaire insurance agents out there who did not pass the tests the first time. I really wish everyone would just STFU about passing the first time. I say, “Pass the LAST time!”

Test Crushers has classroom sessions to prep you for your insurance exams. We also have the option for you to participate via ZOOM. If a live class is not going to work for you, you can take the exact same prep class on video. Our video courses are custom-made for the at home learner. The video course is not a recording of a prior class, it consists of individually crafted lessons.

What’s the “best test prep”? What’s the “best way to prepare for insurance exams” That’s easy: Test Crushers.

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