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Insurance License Training Courses: Let’s Do it in The Classroom

I am getting calls everyday from people looking for a classroom course to study for the Texas General Lines Property and Casualty and Texas General Lines Life and Health exams. When I tell them, “Yes, we have live, in-class training”, they can’t believe it. I guess there are just not that many places in Texas that are offering classroom insurance training sessions anymore. WELL TEST CRUSHERS IS!!

If you want to come to class to study for your Texas insurance license exam, LFG! There is nothing quite like classroom training. Especially here at Test Crushers. Our classroom is built for eight students. You always get a good seat and you’re not lost in a big group. I can see you, and you can see me – and that’s important for a good classroom experience. Everything is designed to give you a great experience. We have three rules for our classes:

  1. Start On Time
  2. Stay on Time
  3. End on Time

We also do not allow anyone to be disruptive or take the course off-topic with un-related questions. We even have a “no perfume or cologne rule.” If people show up soaked in fragrance, we will ask them to leave. We have people who are sensitive and allergic, and it is just not fair. We want this to be a great classroom experience for you and we are not going to let anyone ruin it for you – PROMISE!!


Our Weekend Classes meet from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. That’s six hours, with time off for lunch. There is just no point to having an 8-, 9- or 10-hour class. Nobody can benefit from them, and they wind up being a waste of time. Those classes try to ram through the entire syllabus in two days, when that is impossible.

The reason we can keep our Weekend Insurance License classes down to two manageable sessions is because we put the easy lessons on video for you to watch either before or after class. We have very carefully chosen the topics that we need to cover in class, the topics that are worth your valuable time and attention. But there are other parts of the syllabus that are more background, vocabulary, terminology – or otherwise easy stuff. There is no point to sitting in class while an instructor reads a book to you. WE NEVER READ TO YOU. All your class time is spent on material that is worth being there for.


So, our live classroom insurance training course is a hybrid. You do the difficult, tricky parts in class, and you do the easy parts on video before or after class. This allows to go deep on the important in-class topics. The mistake the other guys make is that they give all topics equal weight and just run through the whole mess too fast – STUPID.


Our hybrid method is also why we can start our insurance training classes at a nice, chill 11 AM. For me, 9:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday is not even a thing. As in, no way. With our relaxed 11 AM start time, you can sleep in a little, or get a few things done if you need to. We joke about how it’s understandable to be late for an 8:00 class, or a 9:00 class – but how can you be late for an 11:00 class? 😀

The 11 AM start time also allows you to get here from:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • San Antonio
  • Beaumont

We finish at 5:00 PM on Sunday, so you can easily get back home at a reasonable hour. This way you only need to stay over one night. There is a La Quinta Hotel super close to our location. We are also just a 10-minute drive from Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). (The other airport in Houston, Hobby (HOU) is about an hour south.)

If you are looking for insurance license training classes in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or Austin, or Beaumont, we are a drivable option here in H-Town, and we will be happy to have you.

After your classroom experience, you will leave with a printed copy of everything that was said in class. You will also have access to the lessons on video, to watch them again, if you want to. There is also an mp4 audio track of each lesson that you can stream and listen to in the car. We got you! This is the best classroom option to get prepped for the:

And, just in case there is severe weather, or something comes up, the live classroom training is also sent out over ZOOM as a webinar – so you can access the class that way as a backup plan.

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