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Book and Policy Manual for Texas PA Course


Studying for the Texas Public Adjuster Exam is much easier with our Video Course Companion Guide. When you order the Companion Guide, you get a complete printout of all the slides and lessons, so you won’t have to take so many notes. You also get a set of the ISO Policy Forms used in the course. These forms included my notes, highlights, comments, and photos.


The course is a lot easier when you have the slides right there in front of you. Instead of taking reams of notes on everything you’re seeing, you can have it all right there. You also get a complete set of policy forms with instructor’s notes, highlights, and callouts. The materials are sent out on the same day when possible and always via USPS Priority Mail. Trust me, it’s worth the $39.99 to get the Book and Policy Manual. The pages are sent to you on 3-hole punched paper, so just get yourself a 3-ring binder, and the pages will slip right in. (1.5 inch rings or larger). 

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