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Test Crushers will get your Team Members through their insurance agent licensing exams.


That’s what we do. Test Crushers was founded by an Agent and for Agents. We are the best resource for agencies looking to get staff licensed. Our program works, and we have the 5-Star reviews to prove it.

It’s hard enough these days to find someone who:

  • Wants to work and will show up
  • Has the aptitude for selling and servicing your policyholders
  • Can pass a background check and drug screen

And now, when you do find a good prospect, they can’t go to work without a license. Enter Test Crushers.


Which Insurance Agent Licensing Exam Prep Course Is Right For Your Rep? Live or Video?

The Test Crushers Insurance Exam Prep systems present, step by step, all the material necessary for passing the insurance license exam. Each focused lesson is followed by a quiz that requires the student to demonstrate mastery of the subject. The Texas Insurance Licensing exams are no joke, so prepping for the exam can’t be a joke, either. This is serious exam prep for a serious insurance license exam.

2-Day Live Courses:

These classes go slow and deep over the most difficult 2/3 of the syllabus. The other 1/3 is done outside of class time – either before or after class. We have carefully selected the topics that can be presented in a 2-day format. The rest are better left to video. And that is how we are able to limit each class session to a reasonable 5 hours of instruction. Live classes can be enjoyed in our classroom, or remotely via ZOOM. Our students also get access to the entire course on video for 7 weeks.

Self-Paced Video Courses:

Rather than attending a Live course, your candidates can complete the entire exam prep program on video. The instruction is the same as what is presented in the live classes. Access to the video course is for 7 weeks, more than enough time. A 30-day extension is available for $50.

Property & Casualty License Exam Prep Courses

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Life And Health License Exam Prep Courses

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Test Crushers: Your all-in-one exam prep solution for insurance license success.

Gain access to comprehensive study materials, practice exams, personalized guidance, and expert support to confidently pass your insurance license exam for Property & Casualty or Life and Health. See our video on how Test Crushers can help you pass your insurance agent licensing exams.

Our insurance agent licensing exam program stands alone in the industry for its academic focus.

We give your associates a firm grounding in the basics of Property and Casualty and/or Life and Health. We are not a drive-by cram course. We are a School of Insurance.

There are two ways to prepare for the insurance agent licensing exams:

  • You can waste your money on a frustrating cram course that teaches your people nothing or,
  • You can send your associates to Test Crushers, where they will learn to prepare for the exam by learning what an insurance professional needs to know.

How many times have your heard it from students who attended a cram course? “The instructor just read from the book” “The instructor just told us a bunch of stories” There are companies out there who actually say, “We don’t teach insurance, we just teach the test”. And why don’t they “teach insurance”? It’s because they know nothing about insurance. So, yeah, you could send your new hire to one of those outfits.

Or, you can send your people to Test Crushers where everything they need to know will be clearly and carefully explained to them. Step by step. Concept by concept. Lesson by lesson. With examples, photos and claim files to make the point. In P&C courses, we also study a complete set of the ISO policy forms that are on the exams.

At the end of the day, if you have a new hire who is top 10%, they will probably be able to pass with any test prep. But what about the rest? What about someone who isn’t super book-smart? How are you going to get them to pass? That’s what we do. Our program has given opportunity to people who had failed before Test Crushers and were about to give up on ever getting licensed. If your licensing candidate can’t pass an insurance agent licensing exam after Test Crushers, then they’re not going to pass. Nobody explains it better than Test Crushers.

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